The Palette Of Life By Polly Kole

Polly Kole is an eminent contemporary artist. According to her, she uniquely paints the palette of life. Thus, they depict every phase of experience with the help of vibrant colours. Polly’s artwork includes oil-painting, modern art, original forms, and there are also different sculptures. This young artist tries to show the alarming conditions of the modern era and how man is dealing with the same. Each one of her marvellous artworks sends a strong message to the society at large.

All About The Artist

Polly Kole is a young innovative artist and sculptor with absolutely fresh thinking. In the primary stage, she also faced a lot of negative remarks from society. However, all these things could not stop her from doing what she wants to do. From childhood, her hands can transform any object into a lively one. Painting and sculpting are inborn talents of this extraordinary girl. She tells that there is no limitation of creativity in terms of the context of conjuncture. After a few years of struggle, she is successful enough to make a prominent place in the hearts of various art lovers. Polly has turned creative art into the mirror of reality. Through her mesmerizing work, you can see the present condition of society. She expresses all her concerns for the people around through her lovely paintings. Your palette of life appears with a lot of shades. Her paintings are incomparable with the artworks of some other notable artists as these portray completely different pictures of life. Thus, people can relate the arts with their personal experiences. You can get these beautiful items through the artist’s Instagram handle that is – kole/

Mix And Match Of Colours

Colours can depict a lot of shares. They can give various forms to the different situation that we come across in real life. Polly is simply doing this particular job in the most unique. Her paintings will leave awe-struck, indeed. The mix and match of multiple colours will show you, love, happiness, sympathy, struggle, depression, connection and many other emotions through a single picture. The amazing sharp features of the figures drawn on the canvas can be difficult to understand for a few people. However, if you have a closer look, you will gradually understand the inner meaning of the painting through the eyes of the painter. Not only this but also the beautiful sculptures are also fabulous items showing the various forms of life in a whole new way. The entire store of such items will in front of you after clicking on the following link;

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