Cannibis Cafes open as more states legalize

The nation’s first cannabis café opened in West Hollywood this past September. The café opened up as a response to the growing trend across the country for states to finally decriminalize cannabis possession and consumption.  Cannabis was legalized in California for recreational purposes in 2016. This original Cannabis Café in Hollywood is a place where guests can come to enjoy not only products containing cannabis such as flower and edibles, but also a menu of food, coffee, and juices.

Naturally, the cannabis café trend is expected to catch on all across the country. Those who are regular cannabis consumers are excited at the ability to finally be able to consume cannabis openly in public. At the same time, many people who are unfamiliar with cannabis use are curious to experiment now that cannabis is legal. As dispensaries are popping up in states were legalization has already taken place, cannabis cafés like the original one in West Hollywood can be expected to follow.

Those who are interested in finding a weed café in their area can do some research online. They can also ask around regarding the opening of such a venue when they’re at their local distillery. Of course, cannabis cafés are only found in states where recreational cannabis consumption has been legalized.

While guests to such establishments can expect a few general rules, each café could be a little different. For one thing, guests can definitely expect weed cafés to be just like bars in that only guests over the age of 21 will be permitted to enter. Other than that, they can expect relaxing and even luxurious surroundings at cannabis cafés. The original Cannabis Café in West Hollywood features beautiful scenery and an atmosphere as upscale and classy as some of the most high-end restaurants in Hollywood.

The food on the menu of weed cafés can be expected to be high quality. The West Hollywood Café features a menu of food items created by Chef Andrea Drummer.  Chef Drummer is Le Cordon Bleu trained, and she has developed a name for herself as a host of culinary cannabis events. Menu items Chef Drummer has put on the weed cafe menu include a variety of dishes to suit omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

Of course, the thing that’s especially unique about visiting a cannabis café is the cannabis menu. The cannabis items available in these cafés can be expected to vary depending on the exact location. However, a good menu will typically include a mix of smokes, fresh flower, concentrates, and edibles. The West Hollywood Cannabis Café also includes some infused beverages on its cannabis menu.

Weed cafés are more than just a place to enjoy and experiment with cannabis. They are also a place for people to come together and enjoy good company. Cannabis cafés are designed so that guests can enjoy a memorable time together and celebrate the fact that cannabis is no longer criminalized. Cannabis cafés are a step toward removing the stigma around cannabis consumption.

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