An easy way to memorize lessons

Memorize the lesson

Many students of all ages strive to learn the correct methods of memorization to obtain high results in exams, to succeed, increase self-confidence, and to study the specialization they desire, in addition to facilitating and speeding up the study process, which leads them to ask those who are older than them, or who have experiences Precedent, to overcome all the problems of study, and in this article we will introduce you to an easy way to memorize lessons. [1]

An easy way to memorize lessons

Reading the lesson quickly and generally

Taking a general overview of the topic, understanding the issues related to the lesson, reading the lesson quickly, in addition to setting the main points that the lesson talks about, dividing it from primary titles into secondary titles, making drawings and plans to summarize the lesson, and facilitating memorization and memorization. (2) ]

Conservation stage

Dividing the memorization process from small to large, and keeping the main headings, then the subheading, then dividing the paragraph into several small paragraphs, in addition to organizing time, and relying on oneself to memorize the largest amount of information, and it is advised to avoid studying when feeling stressed, tired, or not The desire to study, and a sufficient degree of rest and sleep must be taken to facilitate the conservation process. [2]

Reclamation stage

Information is retrieved after archiving, by verbally recruiting yourself, or to another person, or by silk recruiting, by writing down the information that has been saved on paper, then examines its accuracy and validity. [3]

Review stage

Information is retrieved by solving questions, resolving review sheets, or previous forms, confirming memorization.

Health advice for students

Doing exercises daily, for half an hour, to stimulate physical fitness and to maintain a healthy body, such as walking, swimming, and yoga.

Take adequate rest, especially during the night, taking care to stay away from electronic devices before bed, and avoid drinking caffeine-rich drinks before bed, such as coffee and tea.

Maintaining a healthy body, washing hands well before eating each meal, and eating healthy foods rich in elements necessary for a healthy body, such as proteins, vitamins, and others.

Drink enough water per day, which is equivalent to eight glasses a day.

Take enough rest between school and study.

Relaxing through deep breathing, to revitalize the body.

Ensure that the preservation time does not exceed 40 consecutive minutes, then take a sufficient rest for 10 minutes.

Using the senses during the memorization process, by watching the information, reading it aloud, then hearing it, which improves the memorization process.

How to memorize long lessons

Steps before you start memorizing lessons

There are many steps that must be followed before starting the conservation process and include good attention during the explanation in the classroom, taking important notes, taking care of the summary appropriately, taking information from sources and books other than the planned curriculum, in addition to planning the study efficiently and focused, and creating the appropriate environment for it, Attempting to use smart methods in studying, maintaining order in general, organizing time in particular, and not procrastinating and procrastinating. [4]

Preservation strategies

There are several ways to increase the level of memorizing lessons better, including the following: [5]

Determining a suitable place to study, preferably in a quiet and well-lit area, while excluding everything that might interrupt the memorization and memorization process, such as mobile phones, televisions, and other things that lead to distraction, as a good environment helps the person to start studying immediately .

Study for separate periods, as it is preferable to specify relatively short study sessions, and to stay away from long study sessions to focus on small information daily, and frequent review of it.

Training in the art of recollection, by trying to link new information to the old, or ideas and images related to the topic of recollection to retrieve information easily.

Doing self-tests, where a person can test himself before submitting real tests, and using tests via the Internet, or questions available in the study guide.

There are also some effective methods that students use to help better memorize and memorize, which were developed by educational psychologists to enable the student to memorize smoothly, including identifying important points during study, re-reading, and using the keyword used to stimulate memory, and some images Useful in conservation. [5]

Methods to stimulate memory

The strengthening of memory would enhance the ability to preserve, and this could be done through the following: [6]

Activating creative memory, by discussing things and events with others, as this helps to maintain brain fitness, through activities that help improve its functions such as reception, remembering and thinking.

Always learn new things.

Eat healthy foods, such as dark chocolate, that help to secrete dopamine, which increases memory, and study well. [6]


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