5 Things to Know When You Are Flying with Your Frenchie 101

For the sake of our job or vacation, we need to fly sometime. But if we have a pet precisely a Frenchie dog, then the traveling becomes a bit troublesome for us. It is always the best option to leave your pet to your neighbor, close friend, or family member. However, if you think that the choice is not for you and you have to travel with your pet dog, then there are some essential measures you have to take for your dog’s wellbeing before flying. Check out this flying with your Frenchie 101 – the brief guide to know more on the same.

  1. selecting Pet-Friendly Airline

When you are traveling with your pet, you have to be sure whether the airline treats pets with care. Not all airline companies treat pets equally. So before flying, research about the pet-friendly airline, and only fly with such companies who will treat your Frenchie as a member of your family.

  1. Using TSA Certified Pet Bag

You may find some cute pet bags on the store, but when it comes to the protection of your dog on the airplane, only buy TSA approved merchandise. These pet bags are allowed in the plane, have an accurate ventilation system,and it is also easier to move from one place to another.

  1. Take Your Dog to The Loo

Most airports have a station for pet release. So, before boarding, make sure that you give your Frenchie enough time to excrete. This will make your pet more comfortable when flying, and you will have peace of mind as the chance would be lower of your dog to defecate or urinate during take-off or landing.

  1. Carrying A Water Bottle in The Plane

When the flight attendant serves the drink, make sure that you also give your dog water. When boarding on a flight, your pet can dehydrate. Try to carry a water bottle bag as it is easy to carry and also helps you when feeding your dog.

  1. Examine Your Dog’s Health and Behavior

When flying in an aircraft, hear your French bulldog’s breathing and check its action. Listen to your pet’s breath, whether it is usual, or it is becoming more laborious at the time of flying. Also, check on your dog every few minutes and always make sure that your dog is calm and normal.

Those were some useful tips when you are flying with your dog. However, always consult with your veterinary doctor before flying. Also, think about purchasing cooling bandana and innovative harness and other suitable Frenchie bulldog products to make your dog cool, calm, and healthy during the flight.

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